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Herold & Heley celebrating 10 year anniversary

Thursday Sep 15, 2016
  Herold & Heley is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month! Since its founding in 2006, the independent communications consultancy has provided creative writing and editing services to companies, managers, authors and publishing houses in Europe and North America.

“Investing in words is more important than ever”, says Daniela Herold, Founder and partner of H&H. “In a world inundated with moving images and sound, the written word remains paramount – the first and decisive frontier for all business communications."

For one decade, Daniela Herold and Robert Creese (alias Geoffrey Heley) have been working with advertising agencies, translators, designers and programmers and other communication experts. „These relationsships have proven very successful when it comes to handling larger projects and we want to thank our partners for the amazing work they’ve done. And to our clients – a big thank you for your loyalty, inspiration and exciting projects. It has been a true pleasure working for and with you."


Intuition, Experience and Blind Faith

Monday Jul 11, 2016
  Being an artist can sometimes be an isolating experience. Even though some say that collaboration means giving up your individuality, I believe in the power of collaboration. Having a team of people united in one effort can bring about amazing results. “A partner’s different perspective is valuable’, Astronaut Ron Garan once said, ‘but the very fact that it is different means that it will require work, humility, time, and resources to incorporate that perspective. At times, this will require checking one’s pride at the door.”

Check out Daniela's interview with Canadian artist Morley Myers and UK painter Clem Crosby about collaborating for the first time to make sculpture. 


The need to belong

Tuesday Dec 01, 2015
  In 1970, American psychologist Abraham Maslow pointed out that belonging was an essential and prerequisite human need that had to be met before one could achieve a sense of self-worth.  Check out Daniela's article about the need to belong. 


Interview with Christen Dokk Smith on the art of contemporary Viking carving

Monday May 25, 2015
  Check out Daniela's interview with Norwegian carver Christen Dokk Smith on the art of contemporary Viking Carving.


Sophisticated. Feminine. Fun. "Wear Well Fashions" website live

Tuesday Oct 07, 2014
  Wear Well Fashions - a Canadian company offering an exquisite selection of European purses - just launched their new website.  Herold & Heley consulted Wear Well Fashions regarding the design and structure of the website and provided editing support as well as the company slogan 'Sophisticated. Feminine. Fun'.

Wear Well Fashions is led by Tamara Passmore-Griffith.  The Canadian-born founder has a flair for exquisite accessories and oversees the selection of Wear Well Fashions products.  Tamara’s love for beautiful things runs deep in her veins.  After attending Fashion Design School in Vancouver, B.C, she worked as a retail manager at several Canadian fashion stores.  Her passion for fashion found new inspiration when travelling with her husband to Turkey for their honeymoon. “Ever since then have I been fascinated with the culture and beauty of this amazing country, which uniquely combines European and Asian culture.”

Tamara takes great pride and joy in presenting her customers with sophisticated creations. Her vision is the union of European flair with North America’s lifestyle, while continuously forging new frontiers in the realm of fashion accessories.



Blue Dog Bay Designs Website live

Monday Oct 06, 2014
  Blue Dog Bay Designs just launched their new corporate website, providing a colourful and informative web experience for their existing and potential clients. Blue Dog Bay Designs trusted Herold&Heley with the concept, content and design for their internet presence.

"The new company website is a door to handcrafted polymer clay and metal jewelry for those who love colour and originality", says Irene Corman, the designer and owner of Blue Dog Bay Designs in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Why Blue Dog Bay Designs? "My Airedale dog, named Blue, is both inspiring and distracting, and my studio is situated on Cadboro Bay on Vancouver Island. Just seemed to fit", says Irene Corman. "Inspiration, and sometimes distraction, seem to characterize my design process." For her, working with polymer clay - a really versatile medium - sometimes seems like sculptural painting, sometimes like drawing, sometimes like engineering, always like design.

The pieces she makes are often accompanied by mild steel, silver, copper, brass and sometimes bone and/or semi-precious stones. Whether they are pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or shawl pins, "these pieces are comfortable to the touch, beautiful to the eye, and respectful of the medium".



Articles on Canadian artist Ritchard Motchman and 'Circulus Maximus'

Sunday Jun 08, 2014
  Check out Daniela's latest interview with Canadian artist Ritchard Motchman, and her article about 'Circulus Maximus’, an amazing project by Wim Goossens and Arnaud Hendrickx  at the Museum for Contemporary Art (M HKA) in Antwerp, Belgium.


'10 Strategies to Accelerate the Impact of your Sustainability Business' by Zethof Consulting Group

Thursday Jan 02, 2014
  My colleague Bert Zethof of The Zethof Consulting Group just published the following white paper on sustainability, sharing it with us and our networks:

"Scale-Up, Speed-Up: 10 Strategies to Accelerate the Impact of your Sustainability Business"

To read the whole article, please click HERE.


Happy new year 2014

Thursday Jan 02, 2014
  Wishing our clients and partners a happy and peaceful new year 2014.


Interviews with artists V. Tony Hauser, Graham Ereaux and Emma McLay

Friday Nov 08, 2013
  Check out Daniela's latest interviews with Canadian artists V. Tony Hauser, Graham Ereaux and Emma McLay on her blog ART BECAUSE.