Daniela Herold

Daniela Herold M.A.

Daniela Herold's career spans over 20 years in journalism and editing, corporate and marketing communications.  She is the founding partner of the former independent communications consultancy Herold &Heley, which has provided internationally inspired solutions for over ten years.  

Daniela Herold held senior positions in the Communications Sector for both Swiss Re in Zurich - the largest Reinsurance Company in the world - as well as Day (now part of Adobe), a Swiss Content Management Provider in London.  Her experience as Head Print Publishing for Swiss Re, as well as Head Marketing and Communications for Day UK, places her in the perfect position to advise her clients on communication matters.

Daniela Herold holds a Master's Degree in English from the University of Heidelberg. After further journalistic education (Volontariat), she worked as editor for a German daily newspaper for three years.

The German-Canadian is a passionate writer, traveller and painter. Daniela quit her job three times, purged her belongings, sold her house and travelled the world for over a year each time before returning to the Corporate world. 

Experience and CV

"Daniela is a top notch communications professional with extensive international experience. A great individual I can highly recommend."

Christian Neubert
Head HR, Novartis